Academic Appeals and Complaints

Appeals and Complaints procedure

Before starting an appeal or complaint, please ensure that you have read and understood the student complaints and appeals procedure. Follow the links below to find the relevant documentation for your course.

Courses validated by Sussex University – Section 14/15: BIMM-University of Sussex Regulations

Courses validated by University of West London – Section 18: BIMM-University of West London Academic Regulations

Courses validated by Dublin Institute of Technology – Section 17: BIMM-Dublin Institute of Technology Academic Regulations

Courses validated by Bath Spa University – Section 16: BIMM-Bath-Spa University Undergraduate Academic Regulations

Help and Guidance

If you are considering making an appeal or complaint, you are strongly advised to talk to one of the following. They can advise you on how to deal with your appeal/complaint, help to resolve it informally and, if necessary, support you in the process of making a formal appeal/complaint.

  • Student Support Officer at BIMM
  • Your Course Leader
  • The Head of Student Services
  • The College Principal
  • One of your Student Representatives
Formal Appeals and Complaints

If you have tried to resolve your complaint or appeal informally and are still dissatisfied you may use the forms below to submit a formal complaint/appeal.

The completed forms should be returned by email to [email protected]

Or by post to:

ADQA Department – Complaints and Appeals

BIMM House
64 Brunswick Street West


Appeals Form

Complaints Form

Appendix 1 Group Complaints & Appeals


It is important that complaints are submitted in a timely manner, complaints should be submitted within 90 days of concluding the informal process. Late submissions are unlikely to be considered unless you can provide sufficient evidence of mitigating circumstances.

You will be informed, in writing, of the outcome of your complaint. It is our aim to resolve most formal complaints within 28 days. You will be informed if, for any reason, there is likely to be any delay in the process.


It is important that appeals are submitted in a timely manner, appeals must be lodged within 21 calendar days of the publication of the examiner’s decision.

If you wish to appeal against the fact that you have been required to withdraw from the course at BIMM, you will need to appeal within 9 calendar days.     

Late submissions are unlikely to be considered unless you can provide sufficient evidence of mitigating circumstances.

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