Kristy Klaiber

Event Coordinator

After completing a BA (Hons) Degree in Music Business at BIMM Brighton, Kristy Klaiber returned to her native Canada to find work as a Production and Programming Coordinator for BrandLIVE, a company which produces and programs some of the largest events in Vancouver.

Kristy gained invaluable experience for this role by taking an active interest in BIMM's Festivals program, taking on roles as a Production Assistant and Artist Liaison officer, which in-turn led to her being offered a full-time placement at BrandLIVE after initially being taken on as a temporary freelance contractor.

When she's not working with artists, Kristy works on the logistical side of event production for a variety of events from large-scale conferences to gala dinners. Most recently, she's been running the artist liaison for a brand new music festival called “SKOOKUM”, which takes place in Vancouver in September of 2018. Here, she tells us how her experiences at BIMM got her where she is today.

"I found most of my festival experiences to be very 'baptism by fire'. You have to be ready to hit the ground running and be proactive enough to throw yourself in there. While these atmospheres can be intense, they’re also adrenaline-pumping and exciting and it is so rewarding to see it come together. I love the independent challenges and team building that working on festival sites offers.

By the end of my degree, the biggest challenge was having to choose between conflicting opportunities (all of which were amazing), while still finding the time to complete my final project. Not a bad challenge to have when it’s the industry you want to be a part of! There’s never a dull moment at BrandLIVE and I have incredible mentors here who are consistently encouraging me and supporting me. My bosses have an extensive history in the Canadian music industry and I couldn’t fathom working for more knowledgeable and wonderful people. I am inspired, challenged, and supported on a daily basis and love what I do!"


We're incredibly proud of Kristy for her achievements since graduating and look forward to watching how her career unfolds from here.


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