The BIMM Guide to Clearing

Exploring your options? Feeling a bit anxious about what to do? Let us make things easier for you.

At BIMM, you’ll experience opportunities unlike anywhere else. But we also understand that weighing up your university options involves other factors, such as:

  • Where you’ll be based
  • Meeting new people
  • Budgeting your money
  • Finding student accommodation

And we realise that these kinds of decisions can play on your mind (and maybe even cause some butterflies). That’s why we’ve put together our guides, tips and tricks to make starting this chapter as stress-free and seamless as possible.

We want to make sure you’re not only clearing ready, but you’re ready for life in September, too.

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Application Advice

Advice and Support



UCAS Clearing FAQs

Application Advice

Having your pre-clearing assessment booked or personal statement done and dusted can give you greater peace of mind. But sometimes, assessment anxiety or personal statement writer’s block can creep in. That’s why we’ve put together our videos and guides so that you can feel confident and be your best self.

Assessment Advice

We don’t want your assessment anxiety to prevent you from bringing your ‘A’ game. Read our tips and tricks to walk in and own it.

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UCAS Personal Statement Guide

Writing your Personal Statement is part of your UCAS application. But how do you convey your passion, skills and ambition in the best way? Read our guide to find out.

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Advice and Support

Nervous about meeting people and making new friends at uni? Worried how you’ll budget your money and not blow it all in Freshers’ Week? Concerned about sorting out your student accommodation? Let us help with our tips and how-tos.

Plus, our Student Services team are always on hand should you need to speak about any issues you may have once you get here.

Supporting You

Each college's Student Services Team are here to help you. Find out more about how we support our students with any problems (from personal and financial to educational).

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9 Money-Saving Tips

Learning how to handle your money is a key skill for uni life. Check out our guide on keeping those finances in check.

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Accommodation Guides

Getting those student digs sorted is high up the pre-uni checklist. Discover our Accommodation Guides with everything from the areas to look in, types of lettings and public transport.

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We’ve got music industry opportunities and real-world experiences that others simply can’t offer. Trust us – you’ll want to take part in every single one.

Festivals Work Experience

Help set up, run and even perform at some of the world’s best-known music festivals (Glastonbury anyone?).

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Spend your mornings or afternoons sat in the presence of music industry legends. It's all in a day's work at BIMM.

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BIMM Extra

Increase your knowledge and develop your skills in an area outside of your main course. Drumming for beginners? Intro to DJ Skills? It's all here.

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New city, new college and new community. How should you start exploring and where’s best to begin? No stress – we’ve got all the info you could ever need right here.

For example, our Staples series is a tour of our cities like no other. We’ve enlisted the help of music industry experts to showcase their favourite Staples of the Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Berlin music scenes so you can turn up and know exactly where to go.

Who What Why

Real students, real stories. Discover our 'Who What Why' series to find out why students chose their courses - and what they love the most about the cities they're in.

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Study Exchange

As a BIMM student, you can potentially complete your music degree across two different BIMM colleges. Not bad, right?

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BIMM Connect

With our exclusive social networking platform, you'll be able to connect, network and collaborate with like-minded musicians, creatives and businesses.

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Clearing FAQs

When is Clearing open for 2019?

What does Clearing mean?

Which courses still have availability?

Who can use Clearing?

My results didn't go as expected. Can I use Clearing?

I have unconditional offers. How do I use clearing?

I have no offers. How do I use clearing?

I have conditional offers. How do I use clearing?

Get in Touch

Here at BIMM, we’d love to connect you to a life in music, so be sure to make the most of university Clearing 2019 while you still can.

For further information on Clearing at BIMM, please contact our Clearing Hotline on 01273 840 346 or email

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