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Historically, Hamburg has always been a city based around trade and commerce – but this certainly doesn’t mean it’s lacking in imagination or personality. Its financial stability allows artists and musicians to be truly creative, knowing there’s solid backing behind them, and the city’s economic prowess has seen global music brands, like Warner Music, base their operations here. It’s confident and fun, but never far from rebellious undertones expressed in Sternschanze’s colourful graffiti, or on stage at one of St. Pauli’s many alternative clubs.

John Lennon once said “I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg” because, even back then, the streets were far from square. When The Beatles made Hamburg their home from 1960 to 1962 they played legendary venues Indra and Molotow, honing their performance, songwriting skills and image, before being brought to the attention of Brian Epstein and, ultimately, the world.

Today, Hamburg is an electrifying place for emerging musicians. Every September, the Reeperbahn Festival hosts over 800 live music events across 70 venues, featuring many BIMM students. Which just goes to show that, while the Fab Four might have been the first to launch their music careers in Hamburg, they were simply the start of many more to come!