7 Things Students Love About BIMM Institute Hamburg 

From harbour cruises to Freshers’ festivals and Masterclasses with music industry pioneers – BIMM Institute Hamburg students have been treated to enviable schedules this term. Here’s what our talented BIMM Hamburg students had to say about their experiences at the thriving German campus and their exciting first term.

1) “I chose it for the people”

2) “Studying at BIMM Institute Hamburg feels like studying with one big family.”

Marc Feldes is a first-year student from Heidelberg, Germany, studying Music Business at BIMM Institute Hamburg. For Marc, it’s the people he’s surrounded by that has had such a positive impact: ·

“Everyone was very cool and open from the beginning and you could feel that everyone has the same goal: to make it in music. And it’s an amazing bunch of people – inspiring, and of course, the perfect people to party with.

As we’re fortunate to be the first-ever students at BIMM Institute Hamburg, the classes are rather small and that’s awesome. We have all the cool lecturers as well. I love it and I can’t wait to be studying here for the next three years.”

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3) “Hamburg is a very exciting city, especially music-wise.”

Ronja Pöhlmann is a first-year student from Landsberg am Lech, Germany, studying Songwriting at BIMM Institute Hamburg. As well as loving the city, she’s also enjoying the company at BIMM Institute.

“You have the opportunity to go to a great concert every day of the week, which is super nice. Also, I love the fact that Hamburg is surrounded by water. The harbour is a really nice place to have a seat, refresh your mind or write some lyrics.

BIMM Institute Hamburg has been great so far! All the other students are so talented, open-minded and open-hearted. I really like our courses and the lecturers are also amazing.”

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4) It’s an incredible opportunity to have a networking possibility in the music industry.” 
5) “I think that we have already created a great community.”

Anna Lina Hirschgänger is a first-year student studying Vocals at BIMM Institute Hamburg. She loves the combination of city life and the inspiring people who surround her at BIMM:

“What I really love about Hamburg is that we have so many great bars and clubs here. Every night there is some concert or jam session to go to. On the other hand, there are so many cute cafés and some amazing parks if you just need some peace and quiet.

Moreover– and especially at BIMM Institute Hamburg – the people are so kind and unique. I think we have already created a great community. Plus, for the first time in my life, I am surrounded by amazingly creative and musical people all the time. I really love that!”

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6) “The small number of students and lecturers is great because after just one week I already knew everyone’s name.”

Mia Peters is a first-year Songwriting student at BIMM Institute Hamburg. She has recently returned to Hamburg after being away:

“I was born in Hamburg and have lived here my whole life. I’ve also been travelling the world for the last two years.

Even though that was a really amazing experience, I’m so happy to back in this beautiful city. It’s big enough for anything you need as a young person but is still not too overwhelming.

The small number of students and lecturers is great because after just one week I already knew everyone’s name. I think it makes it easier to get to know each other and find people to collaborate with.”

We caught up with Mia to find out more about her life in music and what she is loving about BIMM Institute so far.

7) “BIMM has already made it possible for me to take part in a Songwriting Masterclass with Bosse (from when I won the Wild Card). I am so excited to learn from him and the other great musicians!”

Colleen Livingston is a first-year student from Freiburg, Germany, studying Songwriting at BIMM Institute Hamburg. With BIMM Institute, she’s doing what she loves:

“Being in this place where I can finally follow my dream of honing my skills as a songwriter makes me incredibly happy. Not only is it a beautiful city surrounded by water (I love sitting at the Elbe and watching the boats go by), but it also has such a rich and interesting music scene that goes back to the Beatles performing at the Reeperbahn and finding their sound and image there.”

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POSTED ON: February 24, 2020
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