This year’s hotly anticipated 2015 BIMM Albums are here, showcasing the incredible talents of a very long list of fantastic BIMM students.

This time round, our colleges have teamed up together, with BIMM Dublin and BIMM Manchester sharing their compilation release, and BIMM Brighton and BIMM Bristol doing the same. BIMM London’s album will be out later this month.

For the 20-track BIMM Dublin/Manchester album, over 300 original demos were submitted by students across both diplomas and degrees, spanning all disciplines. The final track-listing has eight tracks from BIMM Manchester artists and 12 from BIMM Dublin.

The BIMM Brighton/Bristol process also saw over 300 original demos submitted from students at both colleges for the 15-track album, with nine Brighton and six Bristol artists making the final cut.

The standard of material submitted for the albums was incredibly high, with BIMM Bristol Course Leader, Jon Harper (and founding member of The Cooper Temple Clause), saying: “The level of professionalism was astonishing!”

The enviable task of choosing the featured artists was undertaken by separate panels of A&R music industry professionals made up of performers, producers, publishers and radio DJs from bodies including Sony/Columbia, BBC Radio 1, XFM, BBC Introducing and more, followed by a voting process open to students.

Performers of the winning demo tracks were then invited to record finished versions of their songs in professional recording studios, including 80 Hertz Studios in Manchester, the BIMM Dublin studios and J and J Studio in Bristol. Across the albums, tracks were produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by a combination of professionals, including Ciaran Bradshaw, Michael Heffernan, Stephen Dunne and Fergal Davis, as well as students from the Music Production course and even some self-produced songs.

And for those chosen to represent their BIMM college on the albums, we couldn’t be more proud… and we know they’re honoured to be a part of the project too.

BIMM Brighton band, Saltlake, were one of the winning artists, stating: “We’re extremely happy to have been given this opportunity and very grateful for all of BIMM’s hard work, dedication and trust that they showed to our band. Their driving passion for the music really inspired us to deliver the best that we could.”

Featured BIMM Manchester artist, Charlotte Cannon, agrees: “To have my musical tomfoolery on the BIMM Album is unbelievable. I’m so grateful to have had this sort of opportunity and to have worked with such cool and professional people.”

Likewise, Taylor Maslanka of BIMM Dublin: “Recording an original song for the BIMM Album was fantastic. I got to have fun with my friends, meet new people and experience working in a professional environment.”

To hear our amazing BIMM talent for yourself, purchase the physical CDs from BIMM, or download them digitally via the links below. The 2015 BIMM London Album will be out to buy on 5th June.


Buy now via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, 24–7, 7digital, Amazon MP3 and Xbox Music.


Buy now via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, 24–7, 7digital, Amazon MP3 and Xbox Music.

London: OUT NOW!

POSTED ON: June 2, 2015
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