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Monday is here, May is drawing to a close, and summer is basically here! (Let’s hope we haven’t jinxed it!). As always with a new week, we’re bringing you a brand new Track of the Week to enjoy. This is BIMM London’s Anehka with her recent single ’25 Pages’ – enjoy.

What inspired you when writing this track?
25 pages is a love letter that I got from my ex and I didn’t know how to cope with it after breaking up with him. I put all my confusing emotions into this song and it helped me cope with it to understand my point of view and his point of view.

Were there any particular music influences while you were writing?
At that time I listened a lot to Tom Misch and to Jorja Smith, I hyped them a lot back then. Mostly I got inspired by “Ready to die“ by Bel, because the chorus is so simple and effective. My brother actually sent me that song and it helped me find a simple melody for the chorus.

Is there anything you do to try and make your music stand out?
I try to stay as authentic as possible and to stick to my sound, even if might not sound like something that is popular at the moment – or maybe it does. The most important aspect for me though is to not copy anyone but to be inspired and inspire others.

How did your songwriting process work?
The first part that I wrote was the intro of the song and then I wrote the verse. It took me months to come up with the chorus. When it came to the production with Allan Low, I sat down almost every day to write a chorus and tried out different melodies and lyrics. In the end, I put everything together like a puzzle.

Describe your sound in 3 words...
Fresh, Souly, Anehka-like.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?
I am always inspired by my friends at BIMM and their way of making music. Everyone has their own style and strengths to admire and they keep me focussed on being the artist/person I want to be. BIMM also motivates me to dig deep regarding artistry and music history.

Some of the essays inspired me to ask myself: ‘What message do I actually want to deliver in the world?’ I really want people to enjoy my music and identify with it, but I also want to be part of socio-cultural changes. There are so many relevant topics we need to be aware of and since becoming aware of the historical aspect of popular music, I understand that artists really can make a change in the world.

What’s your favourite thing about BIMM?
The space it gives me to express myself as an artist.

Anything exciting coming up you can share?
I am working on an album called ‘Planet Orange’ which will be released on August 9th, 2019. I will go on a tiny tour in Germany to deliver the album in person to the audience and of course I will have a release gig in London as well. That will take place in October when the courses at BIMM start again. I will also drop another single in June which deals with gender equality and human rights in general, this will be a contrast to Planet Orange but will establish myself as an artist more. Overall the part of making music with my band and my producer is the most exciting part though.

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POSTED ON: May 24, 2019
  • London