Announcing the BIMM Sessions 

At BIMM colleges, our music students aren’t shy and the BIMM Sessions aim to capture them on video at their very best – performing their own songs and adding to a growing archive of musical footage that will eventually encompass artists from all our college campuses.

With the emphasis on acoustic performances, the BIMM Sessions offer a great new way for undergraduates to air their original compositions in a new setting and with something original to share beyond the usual Soundcloud links – making sure they are seen as well as heard!

Each of the videos is shot on location around the city where the students study, and you can check out some of the terrific examples already uploaded from the band Rory Indiana of BIMM Brighton performing a stripped down version of their track ‘Self Sabotage’, and Paul Hodgson of Recreational Copier (BIMM Bristol) showcasing some of his virtuoso guitar playing on ‘Ain’t It Been Wonderful’.

A host of other artists have also shot material for the BIMM Sessions including Joe Dolman (Brighton), Malika Roots (Bristol), Daniel Abrahamsson (London), Barron (Manchester), The God Complex (Manchester), Frida Wallin (London), Emma Hughes (London), Frankie Furlow (Brighton) and Atlas Wynd (Brighton).

There will always be new BIMM Sessions forthcoming and we look forward to filming with artists from BIMM Dublin this summer.

Each of the BIMM Sessions videos will be featured on our website, as well as appearing on our dedicated YouTube channel, and of course we’re encouraging all of the artists to share, share, share via their fan-pages and social media.

The Sessions offer one more way to get our talented artists noticed, so help yourself stand out from the musical crowd and step up to the challenge of a BIMM Session – there’s a camera crew coming your way!

POSTED ON: June 18, 2015
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