Our brand new college, BIMM Berlin, has launched with a bang, and our first intake of students are now starting their journeys to a career in music.

In all the excitement, we’ve had lots of prospective students show an interest in studying with us next October too. Throughout the year, we hold a number of Open Days so students can see for themselves what life at BIMM Berlin is really like. Via a series of presentations, they have the chance to learn more about the BIMM philosophy, tour our professional facilities, chat with our tutors, have their questions answered, and generally find out about how studying at BIMM can help them forge a career in the music industry.

We’ve received feedback from students who’ve said they’d love to attend an Open Day with us, but aren’t able to travel to Berlin. So, we’ve listened to their comments and have developed a whole new section of the website just for them – may we present the new BIMM Berlin Virtual Open Day!

The Virtual Open Day is a series of videos of our tutors and college manager telling you all about life at BIMM Berlin, broken down into the following categories: The Berlin Scene; Tutors and Guests; Facilities and Partners; Courses and Teaching; Your Employability. You can also watch a video about what the city of Berlin can offer you as a student, and how BIMM Berlin can help connect you to a #LifeInMusic. You can also explore each one of our courses, learning about our tutors, classes and facilities, as well as finding answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

There’s also an opportunity to apply directly for one of our courses… or else you can book to attend an Open Day in person if you’d like to have a tour of our facilities and learn even more about us first-hand.

So – what are you waiting for? To find out how BIMM can connect you to a life in music, experience our BIMM Berlin Virtual Open Day today!

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POSTED ON: November 9, 2015
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