BIMM Dublin Album: Songbook Vol. 3

We’re delighted to announce the launch of this year’s BIMM Dublin Album: Songbook Vol. 3.

Launched at the final End of Term gig on Friday May 30th, the album is available for purchase on CD or to download/stream viaBandcampiTunesGoogle Play AmazonSpotify and many other platforms.

This year’s album features 13 songs from musicians currently studying at BIMM Dublin. Chosen by an independent A&R panel, the tracks demonstrate the talent and diversity across all years at BIMM Dublin.

The ‘Songbook Vol. 3. track listing is as follows:

  1. Nicolas Kluzek – ‘Promise Me’
  2. Soma Humalaya – ‘To Tomorrow’
  3. Drip Drip– ‘On on On’
  4. Emma Malone– ‘I Won’t Break Down’
  5. Blades Club – ‘Battles’
  6. ELM – ‘Concentrate’
  7. Simon O’Driscoll– ‘Back to When’
  8. Syde – ‘I’m Not Better off Without You’
  9. Vertigo (feat. Ellie MC Mahon) – ‘Paul Buckland’
  10. Minus Ten Thousand Hours – ‘I Cut the Gas Line’
  11. The Yips ‘Twin’
  12. Keith Margo and the Margo… ‘Wax’
  13. Bastard Party ‘Purge’
POSTED ON: September 11, 2014
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