The Liber8 Music Project is a new afterschool programme for 13-to-17-year olds living in Dublin 8 and its surroundings. BIMM Institute Dublin and the Digital Hub established the pilot programme in September 2017.

The pilot will run during the 2017/2018 academic year with two classes of 20 participants attending a 10-week programme, which will be held twice a week at The Digital Hub and BIMM Institute Dublin. The first group will start in October 2017.

This Free-to-attend programme is a wonderful opportunity for young people, who may have limited exposure to music and digital media, to immerse themselves in a creative programme, which will also introduce them to the sorts of 21st century skills they’ll need for a successful career in the music industry.

During the 10-week programme, the young people will complete three modules. The first Music Styles’ – Participants will go on a journey through lots of styles of music, what they sound like and what they mean!

Introduction to Performance Techniques’ – Participants will learn to use the guitar, bass, drums or vocals; and will perform live at the end of the project.

An Introduction to Recording and Sound Design’– Participants will explore the use of technology to make the music they love.

The name of this programme – The Liber8 Music Project – was inspired by the community in which The Digital Hub and BIMM are based; The historic Liberties area of Dublin 8. It is one of Dublin City’s most colourful and creative communities, and its young residents will have an opportunity to unleash their creativity in this new community digital learning programme, with a musical focus.

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