BIMM mark a second year at Liverpool Sound City

This year’s Liverpool Sound City relocated to a new home at the atmospheric Bramley Moore Dock and with some rare sunshine it proved a fantastic boost to the festival, with its mix of large and small stages and a cool backdrop of ships and towers on the Liverpool docks resulting in excellent sets and great press coverage.

BIMM made its mark at the festival for a second year running, this time with a special twist as one act from each of the five BIMM campuses was selected to perform by a Liverpool Sound City A&R panel. BIMM took over the Cavern Stage for a full afternoon, resulting in audience capacity and a fantastic reception.

The chosen acts were Frida Wallin of BIMM London, Duke Mercury of BIMM Manchester, Ellie Godwin of BIMM Bristol, Elm from BIMM Dublin and Rory Indiana of BIMM Brighton.

Dylan Walsh, vocalist with Elm said:

“Liverpool Sound City was an awesome experience for us. As it was our first international gig, it gave us a taster of what’s to come. Meeting the other bands with the same drive and want as Elm gave us that push to keep going. All round it was amazing – the atmosphere, the experience, it’s a trip we’ll never forget.”

Frida Wallin added:

“It was a great honour for me and my band to represent BIMM London at Sound City. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity; we had a lot of fun. It’s always fun to meet students from other cities and hear their music and it was really nice having a showcase with all the BIMM colleges, and definitely something I think they should do more often!”

Ellie Godwin, vocalist with No Violet said:

“We loved the look of the festival, the atmosphere was great and the music was amazing. We are very thankful to have been asked to play, it would be wonderful to play there again!”

Rachael Yielder, a BA1 MB student photographer, describes her own festival experience:

‘Going to Sound City was the first time I’ve had the chance to travel to Liverpool. Being from New Zealand it was great to find myself by the waterfront again. The BIMM showcase was right at the heart of the festival and it felt like the band from each BIMM city belonged on that stage, surrounded by other musicians from all over the world.’

Backstage, Harlee Howarth enjoyed some Artist Liaison work experience:

“We had a great time at Sound City. Working as Artist Liaison on The Kraken Stage with international acts including a Latvian Showcase, Australian BBQ day, local talent from Liverpool, plus comedians! I had to make sure the bands were there 20 minutes before they were due on. It was my role to meet and greet them, make sure they had beer and water and were happy. I helped make sure we knew what was coming on and off stage and making the transitions as smooth as possible. The docks were a lovely place to be, especially in the sunshine and the festival itself had a great atmosphere and vibe to it.”

Also backstage, Live Sound Student Klara Peter enjoyed the festival and the hands-on work experience:

“The location is interesting and the age diversity was astonishing. The BIMM showcases were amazing. I saw Duke Mercury play for the first time and really enjoyed it. Their stage presence is really strong and the music is great. I knew BIMM has great talent but I was really surprised at how good all the bands are. Rory Indiana really stood out to me, when I heard them play I instantly wanted their album! Everyone in the BIMM tent was really good. What BIMM does for their students is to really go the extra mile, helping them to play, participate and work at festivals, promoting them and helping them make it in the industry. This is what makes BIMM one of the best music universities in the UK. I’m so happy I chose to study here.”

POSTED ON: June 3, 2015
  • Manchester, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Songwriting, Vocals