BIMM’S 24 Hour Guide to Berlin

BIMM Berlin is the newest campus to join the BIMM family and our very first one on continental Europe. If you’re a new student in the city, or if you think you could be interested in undertaking one of the great study courses available at BIMM Berlin, and are wondering what life could be like in Germany’s hippest city, then we have something just for you…

BIMM”s all-new digital 24 Hour Guide to Berlin is a cool interactive online resource designed just for you and delivered via our website. It gives you the lowdown on life in Berlin via a fun-packed 24 hour day planner, full of ‘must-see’ and ‘highly-recommended’ shout outs, and all put together with the student budget in mind.

Fully illustrated and hyperlinked for easy navigation, the Guide takes you all the way from the all-important Berlin breakfast right through to late night music and dancing, via our recommended art galleries, music supply shops, quality cafes, local radio stations, music festivals and more.

Included in the photo montages, helpful links and recommendations from cool and clued-up locals, you’ll also find listening tips for who is up-and-coming around town, plus the whole thing is shot through with inspirational quotes from some of your favourite musicians, keeping your musical aspirations at the heart of all your Berlin adventures.

One of the things that makes Berlin such a great city is its endless love of music of all genres, making it the ideal backdrop for the first steps in your musical career. Our 24 Hour Guide To Berlin is fully geared to show new and prospective students how to get the best out of their time, and for those yet to take the plunge, we think our Guide might help you make up your mind!

Whether you’re already in the city or considering enrolling, our 24 Hour Guide To Berlin is our fun way to introduce BIMM to Berlin – and to introduce BIMM Berlin to you! We know you’ll find something there to love.

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POSTED ON: June 19, 2015
  • Berlin