BIMM Bristol student Bryony Fry has published a book called “Decade”, which features ten years worth of her own original poetry. 

This book runs in chronological order, taking the reader on a journey through a decade of Bryony’s life, from 2007 until 2017. Heartfelt, raw and sincere, the emotive and poetic response to a dramatic period in Bryony’s life reveals the evolution of personal progress into womanhood.

The book, published by PRNTD Publishing is just one fragment of the Production undergraduate’s overall creative output. She also creates multi-media art pieces and crafts her own songs using an array of instruments and a loop station under the moniker Bright Smoke. Here, Bryony describes how these different facets can sometimes collide.

“My poetry has always been quite a separate entity from my song lyrics, but occasionally the odd poem makes it into a song, so a lot of the words in the book I’ve never shared with anyone before.”

2007 was a rough time for me in regards to addiction, depression and volatile relationships at home, and i also experienced drug fuelled unrequited love that definitely gave me a muse for a good few years! My writing was a poetic response to everything that was going through my mind as the years progressed and my life evolved.”

In addition to the emotional factors which have influenced her, Bryony’s upbringing in the New Forest area has bestowed a deep connection to nature and the coast within her creative output, so readers can expect plenty of natural imagery and metaphoric references to the lush green coastal landscape.

Bryony has voiced her tentativeness at the thought of her innermost thoughts being made public. But she also takes the experience as a positive one, she explains.

“The book is a huge part of my mind, it’s very heart-felt and very raw in places, and it’s quite scary for me to know everyone will be able to read it all now! But, I guess that’s the beauty of it.”


Click HERE if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of “Decade”.

POSTED ON: November 28, 2017
  • Bristol, Music Production