Class of 2015

6 Months after graduation

Last year at BIMM Dublin we had our very first group of graduates pass through our doors since the college’s launch in 2011. And understandably, we’re all super keen to find out exactly what they’ve been up to since they left us, with particular focus on celebrating their success, as well as ensuring that we’ve fulfilled our promise of connecting them to a life in music. So, we surveyed them to ask details of their employment status and feelings towards BIMM. And without further ado: here’s the feedback from our ‘Class of 2015’.

Well… it’s fantastic news to know that our vocational approach is working, because a huge 90% of BIMM Dublin graduates are already employed only six months after graduating! This statistic puts us well ahead of other universities and colleges in Ireland, where this figure only comes in at 65%*.

It shows that an education with BIMM Dublin really does equal employability, connecting you directly to both the music industry and the workforce – and of those 90% already employed, 75% are working directly in the music business in roles such as musician, songwriter, composer, music rep, and music teacher, and in areas including live music, music production and more.

We found that BIMM Dublin students really give back to the Irish economy and local music scene, with 93% of those employed graduates working in Ireland, and 61% working in Dublin.

BIMM Dublin’s professional industry-relevant guidance has proven to be a huge success too, with 61% of graduates believing that BIMM prepares them for work.

We also found that BIMM’s industry connectivity was both proven and highly valued, with 87% of graduates stating that they engaged with the music industry while they were a student at BIMM.

So… what do all these statistics tell you? In a nutshell, it’s that connectivity really is the key to a successful career in the music industry. And if you’re after that, then there’s no better place to study than BIMM Dublin.

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*HEAs What Do Graduates Do? The Class of 2014 

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