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Monday is here, and if you’re looking for some new music to kickstart your day – check out our Track of the Week from Echo Beach! Which features BIMM Birmingham Music Journalism student Ross Carley – enjoy.

What inspired you when writing this track?
The inspiration behind the track I think was very self-inspired. We wrote it around the same time as our first single ‘She’ and reflected a lot on our writing style for that song.

Were there any particular music influences while you were writing?
We’re all heavily influenced by different styles of music. Our lead guitarist (Trav) bases a lot of his riffs around classic rock, our drummer (Jack) is very much into rap, jungle and jazz, and the lead singer (Paige) and I are very much into more alternative and underground music, which blends nicely into what we produce.

Is there anything you do to try and make your music stand out?
I wouldn’t say we necessarily try to stand out nor do we try to fit in. We’re very lucky to have such a talented singer/songwriter who helps give such defining lyricism and who has a great vocal range. I think every member’s talents stand out in each track, which maybe helps separate us from others.

How did your songwriting process work?
Our song writing process is very much a case of Paige writing the lyrics and then the rest of us coming together to jam and put sounds together. If Paige hears a fit for what she’s written, she’ll sing to it and then we develop our songs from there.

Describe your sound in 3 words…
Indie grunge funk.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?
Since being at BIMM I’ve personally learned a lot about the business aspect of music and how to further us as a band, but I’ve also become more critical of music and try to use that to push us to be our best.

What’s your favourite thing about BIMM?
My favourite thing about being at BIMM is the opportunities we’re given to do whatever we want. As a journalist I’m being trained in all possible aspects of the career; be it a reporter, a writer, a radio presenter or whatever else

Anything exciting coming up you can share?
We announced fairly recently that we’ve started working on our first EP. We don’t have any solidified plans for it yet. It’s going to be a long journey working on it as we’re still working on the first track and looking to write brand new songs for it. But, it’s coming nonetheless!

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POSTED ON: February 18, 2019
  • Birmingham