Join us at a BIMM experience day

Ever wanted to take a glimpse inside a class at BIMM to see what you can really expect when studying one of our degree level courses? Well now you can! Whatever discipline you’re interested in*, our Experience Days are specifically designed to help you find out what life at BIMM is all about.

So, what can you expect? Well, firstly, you’ll get to meet the team. This includes a chance to chat with our tutors, course leaders, heads of department, student support officers and current students about all things BIMM, essentially giving you the chance to meet the people who will be key influences on the early stages of your career.

No doubt you’ll also want to know what goes on within a class, which is where our course and discipline specific lessons come in. This gives you the opportunity to attend real classes in your core subject and see just what sort of tuition you can expect from our industry professional tutors.

You’ll also get to experience a careers advice and networking session. This gives you the chance to see first-hand how BIMM can help connect you to a long and sustainable career in the music industry. In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to network with other potential new students. Who knows? You could meet your next bandmate, or sew the seeds of a lifelong friendship.

Lastly, but by no means least, you’ll get to see what our masterclass sessions are all about. These are a series of course-specific talks and seminars with an inspiring selection of music industry special guests, including industry panel Q&As, styles, theory and technique workshops, and more.

Once the Experience Day has concluded, and all your questions have been answered, you’ll also have the opportunity to start/continue your application process with guidance from our admissions team – and so begin on your path to a life in music!

We will be holding a number of experience days, you can book your place by clicking on the BIMM Events page

*For our degree level courses, Experience Days are open to applicants and offer holders only. Diploma level Open Days are open to all. 

POSTED ON: January 19, 2018
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