When it comes to festivals it’s still The Big One – from the Kanye controversy on the main stage, to the thousands of smaller happenings that make up the fabric of the festival, BIMM was right there at Glastonbury 2015 to make its own contribution to the biggest arts festival in Europe.

BIMM set up camp for the weekend in the magical Green Fields at the Croissant Neuf arena, Glastonbury’s longest-running performance area after The Pyramid Stage. Croissant Neuf is a fully sustainable ‘pop-up village green’ featuring food, art, festival frolics and performance, providing a quintessentially Glastonbury backdrop for BIMM to showcase its acts on the Croissant Neuf main stage and bandstand areas.

With the weather more or less holding out, festival goers could enjoy live sets from BIMM acts The Cadbury Sisters, Paper Hawk, Becky Arundel, Frida Wallin, Sam Brockington and Frankie Furlow. As well as on-stage BIMM talent, the bandstand was also stage-managed and produced by BIMM undergraduates, making for a real family affair on site.

Jordan Cope, a Music Business undergraduate from BIMM Manchester, had this to say about his Glastonbury 2015 weekend:

“It was a great experience to be at such a prestigious festival and invaluable to be able to put that on my CV. I worked alongside a great team from the BIMM Brighton and Bristol campuses and I really enjoyed the downtime at the festival too!”

Suzi Ireland, BIMM Artist Promotion and Festival Manager, spoke about BIMM at Glastonbury 2015:

“We had eleven performances over the weekend and they all went really well. There was a big crowd for the performers and the feedback we had was great. The Croissant Neuf team were also very pleased with how it all went. Students from across the BIMM Group got to network, make new friends and even plan gig swaps in each other’s centres.”

Good fun, live performance, work experience and the chance to network – essential ingredients for a successful BIMM weekender, and where better to enjoy it than Glastonbury? See you next year!

POSTED ON: July 20, 2015
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