Grammy Award-Winners Halestorm


Halestorm have been rocking for over a decade. The hard-working American band were in London this month to perform at Wembley and took some time a day ahead of their gig to give an excellent BIMM Masterclass at Fulham’s Under The Bridge.

The venue was packed to hear the Grammy award-winners interviewed by Head of Industry Liaison & Careers, Leo Nicholas. All topics were up for discussion, from writing and touring to band dynamics and health.

Halestorm are famous for a full-on touring schedule and Leo asked vocalist Lzzy Hale how she manages to keep a powerful rock voice in good check. Her answer was insightful about more than just singing:

“I always make sure I warm up and take lessons regularly. I never worried about it when we were gigging less, but now we’re constantly touring and only have a day off maybe every eight shows so I have to make sure I’m really taking care of myself. The industry is different now, today you gig lots because you have to. So we have to create a healthy lifestyle to go with that.”

Halestorm won their Grammy in 2013. Lzzy told the Masterclass about the ceremony:

“It was an amazing experience. We were listening to all these categories, just waiting. We thought about writing something down to say, we had nothing prepared! I remember hearing ‘…and the Grammy goes to…’ and everything went black. We were saying, ‘Who? Did they say us!?’ We freaked out and started running to the stage because we thought they would take it away from us if we didn’t get there on time!

What did a Grammy mean for the band personally?

“It’s a really cool feeling, our parents cried and we took it as a personal triumph because we’d been a band for a really long time and the category we won was ‘Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance’. This wasn’t for a song or production, it was purely us, being in a room, playing together.”

A classic hard-work and talent story from an inspiring band. Thank you Halestorm!

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POSTED ON: February 9, 2016
  • London, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals