International connections with BIMM Connect Metal Night

Students at BIMM Institute Berlin collaborated to create a night of heavy metal music at one of the city’s premier live music venues, Badehaus. The event featured bands hailing from five BIMM Colleges, thanks to our very own social networking platform, BIMM Connect.  

Feeling the alternative community was deserving more exposure at their college, BA2 Music Business students and lifelong metal music fans Mikaela Nikkila and Natalie Cedergren used BIMM’s very own networking platform – BIMM Connect – to establish the ‘BIMMetal Group’, locating like-minded metal fans and bands throughout each of BIMM’s colleges and starting the conversations that would eventually lead to the ‘BIMM Connect Metal Night’.

BIMM Connect is available to all students and alumni at BIMM Institute and was created to help facilitate creativity and collaboration. So, it’s great to see the service helping students to unleash their creative potential.

We asked Mikaela and Natalie to tell us more about the inspiration and process behind the inaugural BIMM Connect Metal Night.

Why did you feel there was a need for a BIMMetal Group on BIMM Connect?

N:Often a lot of the events focus on electronic acts or more pop, and we felt that metal was a bit too much ‘in the background’. There are students who love it, but they could have a hard time connecting with other metalheads.”

M:We felt like there weren’t that many opportunities for students playing heavier music at BIMM and wanted to see if there would be enough metal bands at BIMM for putting a metal night together. We also wanted to do something that would connect students from the different colleges in real life.”

How did BIMM Connect help you to bring this idea to life?

N:We got lots of support from Anthony Giles (BIMM Connect Community & Alumni Services) and Christoph Borchers (Head Of Events, Guests & Industry at BIMM Berlin) to really be able to create something great, and with BIMM Connect we found a bunch of people from different colleges that we probably wouldn’t have been able to connect with otherwise.”

M:BIMM Connect was a great platform for finding the metalheads of BIMM and we discovered some of the bands that played at our event on there. The team behind BIMM Connect also helped us a lot with making the event actually happen.”

How do you feel the event itself went?

“We think the event went really well, everything ran smoothly. Meeting the bands from the UK was amazing, and we’re so happy that we got to bring these lovely musicians together for an evening like this.”

Anthony Giles, who manages the BIMM Connect Community & Alumni Services, had this to say about the recent event.

“As a metalhead who studied at BIMM, it was very, very cool to see the Metal community adopt BIMM Connect and put this group and the gig together. I hope to see more of this in the future and am keen to help out in any way I can. Metal rules!”

If you’re interested in gaining access to BIMM Connect and making international connections to musicians and creatives throughout Europe, why not take a look at our courses page and start your journey towards a career in music today?

Header Photo c/o Solas Visual Art

POSTED ON: February 25, 2020
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