Andrea Marongiu was an enormously gifted session drummer most well-known for his work with British electronic/folk act Crystal Fighters. After his tragic and sudden passing in 2014, his wife, Louise Marongiu, set up a fundraising campaign in his memory, with the intention of using the money raised to help young musicians. BIMM was hugely honoured when Louise chose to donate these funds to towards three drumming bursaries for 2017/18 entrants, and this years lucky recipients recently had the pleasure of a face-to-face meeting with Louise. 

Drum students Zac Lever from Brackley, Isaac Barton from Torquay and Ben McCarty from Somerset are all in their first year on the BA (Hons) in Professional Musicianship. Having been selected as recipients of the Andrea Marongiu Bursary, they were pleased to meet Louise in the BIMM Bristol careers hub to discuss what inspired them to get behind the drum kit, what their career aspirations are for the future and how the bursary has already benefited them directly.

“Of course, it’s brilliant to give money to the British Heart Foundation,” Louise exclaimed, “because you know you’re doing something good. But you never really see exactly where your money ends up. With this bursary, I know it’ll go directly towards keeping that creative energy alive. Andrea was just a really happy person who was obsessed with drumming, and I’m sure he would be really happy to see it helping people achieve their drumming dreams. It’ll be nice to stay in touch to hear how the students are getting on and how their careers develop. It’s also nice for me to update the people who have donated as well.”

Zac, Isaac and Ben each spoke with Louise on what originally inspired their passion for music, as well as letting her know how appreciative they are of her enormously generous gift.

Before the meet was over, Louise gave the three students a pair of Andrea’s signature drum sticks each, which Zac said will be kept as a memento and mounted on his wall.

The Andrea Marongiu Drumming Bursary will be open to degree level Professional Musicianship Drums applicants in 2018. If you are interested in applying for the Bursary you can find out more by visiting our dedicated Scholarships and Bursary pages for Brighton, Bristol and London.

Also, If you would like to contribute to the memory of Andrea – you can donate in Andrea’s name to the British Heart Foundation here.


POSTED ON: December 6, 2017
  • Bristol