Geneva-born record label owner Luc Brokatzky is on a mission to influence Europe’s dance music scene with a “fresh, young vision” and a series of experimental releases. The BIMM Berlin Music Business student, who moved to London two years ago, runs Junction Records, which he set up with his colleague Mathieu Carsqiue.

“We aim to release tracks that embody a generation, in which electronic music becomes much more diverse and mixed. We strive to show this by experimenting with artists and blending percussive, groovy, dark, but warm techno. We also do this through artwork and events, hence the chosen name ‘Junction’,” he told BIMM.

Luc, who is also a consultant and content creator for Loose Lip – a Resident Advisor-like website with radio shows and dance features, has become a well-known name on the techno circuit. As well as injecting an element of youthfulness into the scene, he aims to take dance music back to its core to achieve a more organic sound.

“Lately we were looking into sharing raw, more club-centred techno music which would be stripped down; no artwork, no long delays until releases, a real natural, freedom feeling, centred on the sound itself,” he revealed. “This is why we decided to start Junction White, a ‘white-label’ a few weeks ago which will be officially launched with our first release later in December!”

On the subject of his time at BIMM Berlin, Luc spoke of the motivational support he’s received in response to the difficulty of breaking into the industry. “I think the main lesson I’ve learnt so far is that the music business world has become much more accessible,” he told BIMM.

“If you have ambition and want to make a difference, to be heard, I truly believe you can do it now more than ever. I wouldn’t have said that a couple of years ago, but I am now confident that anyone can hit that road, and what a beautiful road it is!”

On his decision to study at BIMM Berlin, Luc explains that the city resonates with his sound – Germany is of course famed for its techno scene and nowhere is this more apparent than in the capital. “I felt like the next place to be for me was Berlin. Being in an atmosphere embodying this blend in arts as a whole is definitely a huge thing,” he reveals.

“I felt that studying music business would give me the ’20 years experience’ in just three years, or at least the knowledge of it, giving me the ability and opportunity to concentrate on what I want to work on in the meanwhile. Which won’t let your ears rest for long!”

Luc’s entrepreneurial approach to the music industry has so far served him well at BIMM. His Junction Records label is innovative, unique and a must for all electronic fans. We’re looking forward to seeing what he cooks up next with the advent of his new white label project.

POSTED ON: October 30, 2017
  • Berlin