Mayday Parade - Life of a Touring Band


Mayday Parade have played together for a decade and released their fifth studio album Black Lines last year.

While on tour, they took the time to visit BIMM Bristol and give a Masterclass on the life of a touring band.

In their early days the five-piece progressed from local support for rare live acts that passed through Tallahassee, to going on the road themselves to get exposed to new audiences:

“The first tour we did, we didn’t actually play! We followed Warped Tour 2006 and sold CDs to the line. That was part of the goal, write and record an EP, press and release it ourselves and follow the Warped Tour.”

After meeting reps from Fearless Records on the road the band played a showcase and were signed, later moving to Atlantic. They communicated the importance of a supportive label:

“You want people to work with you that believe in it just as much as you do, and have almost as much invested in it as you do, because for us it’s our livelihood, our name, it’s everything.”

The band acknowledged times have changed, and for new musicians they had broader advice:

“I don’t think any band makes it the same way as the next. I think the biggest thing is that we were really motivated, we were pushing all avenues trying to figure out the landscape. It was about being open-minded and thinking outside the box… A band has to be outgoing and serious and push hard, figure out what’s gonna work for them and take advantage of the opportunity when it comes.”

Even after a decade in the business, the band had a great sense of day to day reality for up and coming musicians, and BA (Hons) Guitar student Dan Thould took away the perfect message from their Masterclass:

“Don’t sit around and wait for the big break to come to you, get out and do it yourself!”

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POSTED ON: February 18, 2016
  • Bristol, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Songwriting, Vocals