Naturally 7 - 'Architects of Vocal Play'


Naturally 7 are ‘Architects of Vocal Play’ who specialise in astonishing harmonies and instrumental mimicry.

Incredibly, all the sounds you hear are made solely by the human voice. BIMM London welcomed the master vocalists to a bustling Masterclass where we were lucky enough to hear them perform and answer questions.

To piece apart their technique, the band broke down songs into individual parts, including bass, drums, guitar and ‘DJ’.

Students were invited to attempt the different parts themselves. BA Songwriting student, Herty Hill sang drum and bass parts, with great success! As well as emulation, the band demonstrated how to amplify using mic technique. Other students took on harmonica and distortion sounds and had a brilliant time performing!

The band spoke about their rare technique:

“As much as we’re imitating instruments, if somebody said ‘Actually, a harmonica can’t play that note’, our answer would be, ‘Mine can!’ We allow ourselves the advantage of being a voice because there are other disadvantages. We can’t imitate a piano, for instance, but we can allow our voices to do things real instruments can’t necessarily do.”

How do they keep their vocal chords healthy?

“We all warm up differently but we don’t smoke or drink, we get enough sleep and stay hydrated. We don’t have a band to fall back on, we can’t rely on a guitar solo to rest, so we have to make sure we’re singing in a healthy way we can sustain. We even watch the level that we speak at– we like to get into discussions! The rock and roll lifestyle isn’t sustainable if you want to keep your voice at its best!

Naturally 7 have been in the business a long time, how do they attribute their success?

“The important thing is to make sure you have the same idea of what defines success. Success to one person might be selling out the O2 Arena, but ideas of success vary from person to person. As a band, identify what’s successful to you and remember there is a process… Plus, you have to really love music to be successful!”

Naturally 7 really encouraged the students, reminding them they have the upper hand as they’re surrounded by singer-songwriters, producers and musicians, and they should constantly network and help each other through the door.

As they rightly said, BIMM students are the future!

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POSTED ON: February 16, 2016
  • London, Vocals