BIMM Dublin has produced an array of immensely talented musicians and bands over the years, including alt-folk quartet, Orchid Collective who released an EP back in October ’16, receiving rave reviews and much attention.

The EP, which blends soft electric guitars with beautiful vocals to create a soundscape that’s both atmospheric and ethereal, earning them comparisons to Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Sigur Ros.

Orchid Collective were in safe hands while recording the EP, enlisting acclaimed super-producer, Rob Kirwan (U2, Depeche Mode and PJ Harvey) to head up production in their Dublin studio. The producer has clearly played an instrumental part in translating the band’s stunning live sound to the studio, as he told  Hot Press:

“I’m not one of these producers who likes to do everything separately, as in, ‘Let’s do the drums first and chop them up, then move onto the bass, etc.’ To me the collective sound that a band make what’s most interesting.”

Orchid Collective’s Shea Tohill also revealed how in-demand Kirwan had been helping them to focus and hone in on their sound:

“Rob’s been great for us. Having that fresh pair of ears for a start and having someone to critique our music is something we needed,” he told the magazine.

‘Courage’ has already been receiving its share of publicity too, having been premiered on Hot Press and BIMM’s own track of the week.

“It is both an exciting and terrifying time for us to put these songs out to the public,” they told BIMM, “We hope everyone can relate to them the way we have.”

The band’s current success has certainly been well deserved, following 12 months of relentless gigging and studio time. The future looks brighter than ever for this talented group of ex-BIMM Dublin rockers.

If you’ve not yet heard Orchid Collective’s stunning single, you can check out the video here.

Alternatively, the EP is available to stream or download on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

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