Project X - Mxlly

Track of the Week

Ready to get this week started? Our Track of the Week comes from BIMM Birmingham’s Project X (Joe Rees) with this EDM inspired track ‘Mxlly’ – listen now.

What inspired you when writing this track?

When writing this track I was heavily inspired by modern EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Bass House music. I’ve always enjoyed listening to EDM and grew up listening to popular DJs and producers. As I’m still on-route to discovering my own unique sound, I was very experimental when producing this track. Synthesising harsh, bold sounds allowed me to try and blend various sub-genres of EDM together, furthering me on my quest to find my sound.

Were there any particular music influences while you were writing?

Most modern EDM producers really, however in this case ‘JOYRYDE’ and ‘Habstrakt’ had a huge influence on my style of producing. Everything from the beat production to the sound design, etc.

Is there anything you do to try and make your music stand out?

Most modern bass music is loud and extreme. Making my music stand out can sometimes be very difficult, especially when I’m still in the process of discovering my own sound. That being said, the approach I normally take when designing sounds and arranging instruments/melodies is very experimental. This sometimes means I stumble on a really good mistake or accidentally make something sound cool. If that’s the case, I tend to go with it and see what I can do to make the track sound different.

How did your songwriting process work?

For most of my songs, the process starts with creating a beat, normally the beat I would use in the chorus/drop. Then I will add a lead bass line coinciding with the sub-bass. I will then add other basses or leads to add variation and include subtle background elements to make the track sound full. This finally leaves me with the arrangement, which tends to be spontaneous. I also tend to process and mix tracks as I go along, mastering the song at the end.

Describe your sound in 3 words…

Exciting, Creative and Energetic.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?

BIMM has put me in touch with so many different musicians, tutors and students allowing me to develop a list of contacts that all aid my creativity and provide opportunities. I am able to learn different musical techniques to use in my work and therefore grow as an artist.

What’s your favourite thing about BIMM?

I am able to practice using equipment of a very high quality as well as having plenty of resources to further my abilities. As well as this, meeting new people and socialising with other musicians allows me to expand my knowledge and meet various types of musicians that I could potentially collaborate with.

Anything exciting coming up you can share?

I have many tracks in the works and a few finished tracks that I will hopefully get to release soon! I am looking forward to getting more music out there and growing my audience. Hopefully, I will find an opportunity to DJ somewhere soon and play my music live and bring Project-X to a wider audience. To see what’s coming up feel free to follow all my social media.

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POSTED ON: March 11, 2019
  • Birmingham