Rosina Buck says ‘Use Your Head’

BIMM Bristol Songwriting student, Rosina Buck, has co-written the song ‘Use Your Head’ alongside Naela Rose, in collaboration with the young people of Integrate Bristol – a charity formed to help with the integration of young people and children who have arrived in the UK from other countries and cultures.

This catchy summer tune promises to get you dancing and its all for a great cause. The new video features kids and ministers breaking out their best dance moves to raise awareness about Integrate, and to help to end violence and female genital mutilation (FGM) against women and girls. Rosina asked BIMM Bristol for help in producing a song she’d written to raise awareness of FGM, and fellow students, staff and management all jumped at the chance to help out.

BIMM are extremely proud to have been involved in such a wonderful project, with current BIMM Bristol students featuring as musicians, and BIMM Bristol staff member, Ben Johnson, producing the track. The uplifting song is making a buzz on social media and has been championed by Cosmopolitan magazine who have commented that it’s “SO good – our tune of the summer so far… and it actually means something too. Bonus.” Please help us celebrate Rosina’s amazing song and spread the word about the fantastic work Integrate Bristol are doing in support of young people by sharing this video across Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms using the hashtag #UseYourHead. Together, let’s make it go viral!

POSTED ON: September 3, 2014
  • Bristol, Songwriting