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Good morning, and happy Monday. We’re back with a brand new Track of the Week – and this week, we’ve got something from BIMM Berlin Music Production master Sames, with their latest release ‘Don’t’.

Take a listen…

What was your inspiration when you began writing the track?
I was listening to all sorts of new music in my genre, one specifically by Tom Flynn really stood out to me called ‘Packard’. This is what inspired me to create the track.

Are there any artists that inspire you when writing?
Artists like Claptone and anything in that direction. I get inspired when very few and subtle vocals are used to create something unique.

What is key to your sound and how do you make your music stand out?
I think the key is experimenting with many different genres and putting in an effort to create music in all genres that I enjoy. This makes the process of trying out something new in the studio much more enjoyable, because I want get stuck trying to achieve a certain sound.

How does your songwriting process work?
For this project the lyrics themselves don’t really make sense to me. I just tried to use words that support the rhythm of the song and the feeling that you get from the song.

Describe your sound in 3 words…
Seductive. repulsive. engaging.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?
Getting tons of feedback and opinions from countless people helps me develop my sound and find out how my music is being observed objectively. That is something that I didn’t have before starting at BIMM. It’s a great creative environment to develop as an artist.

What’s next for you?
I have been working on an EP for over 6 months now and I can’t wait to release it later this year 🙂

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POSTED ON: July 22, 2019
  • Berlin, Music Production