Former BIMM London student, Sarah Shébani completely won over the audience at her recent homecoming gig in Dubai.

The Iraqi RnB singer’s performance at Stereo Arcade was part of the regional live music series Boom Room and her first gig since her return from the UK.

Born into a creative family, Shébani studied songwriting at the BIMM London to develop her talent as a singer-songwriter. Speaking recently to National magazine, Shébani talked about her time spent at BIMM:

“I didn’t know what I was really going to learn until I got there. But it was very in-depth. There were up to 10 different classes ranging from music theory to performance and song-writing workshop. Then there is producing and mixing skills. It teaches how you need to produce your own songs or at least do it to a basic level so that you can show it to a producer to take it to the next level.”

During her time in London Shébani performed many live gigs – initially singing many of her favourite old school RnB tunes – until she began to develop her own songwriting skills through her studies at BIMM.

“For me personally, I did the covers, but I realised that it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted something more, and I went out there and studied the craft of song-writing so I could create my own songs and build my career as an artist.”

During her at BIMM, we caught up with Shébani and she shared with us her Why I Chose BIMM and her Who, What, Why.

Shébani describes her recent EP, Alter Ego as a “smooth combination of R’n’B and neo-pop”.

We look forward to her debut album and wish her all the best for the future in Dubai. In the meantime, check out the track Right by You from her Alter Ego EP

POSTED ON: October 30, 2017
  • London