Short Film Produced for BIMM Berlin

The Met Film School Berlin is the second campus of the famous Met Film School in London. The Film School practices a similar ethos to BIMM, offering a variety of intensive practical courses to its students, taught by established and experienced professionals in the field of filmmaking.

Met Film School Berlin has followed its London parent institution by fast becoming a hotbed of independent filmmaking talent. With this in mind, it made perfect sense that the Film School would make ideal collaborators when BIMM Berlin decided to commission a short promotional film for the college.

The idea for the piece was to produce a movie that would inspire new students to apply to study at BIMM Berlin by visually showcasing the rich cultural life of the city. Together with representatives of BIMM Berlin, Alejandra Ruiz-Zorrilla and Max Hink from the Met Film School set to work on the project. The finished result is a beautiful three-minute Berlin tribute that follows a day in the life of one musician arriving by train with her guitar on her back who goes on to experience the sights and sounds of Berlin from dawn until dawn again.

The footage takes in picturesque shots of the Konzerthaus and the Brandenburg Gate, buskers in the squares and musicians jamming at Templehof Park, before following the musician and her friend as they cycle through the city in sunshine, catching views of Berlin Cathedral and finishing with a glimpse of the city’s nightlife at Magnet by the River Spree.

The track used in the film is ‘Always My Girl’ by KookieLou, the recording name of BIMM Brighton Student, Lily Wolter. The track was produced by BIMM Berlin tutor and musician Kieron Pepper. With music and imagery combined, the overall effect is an exciting slice of Berlin life, promoting not only the possibilities of being a student at BIMM Berlin but illuminating the city as a vibrant resource for culture and music.

The finished film can now be viewed below and on Youtube – enjoy, comment and share!

POSTED ON: September 1, 2015
  • Berlin