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The idea of studying at a brand new BIMM college in Berlin is exciting enough for most aspiring students, but we have one more incredible offer that no-one else can match: BIMM Berlin students can spend a whole year studying at BIMM London too.

Every student who studies on one of BIMM Berlin’s BA (Hons) courses in Creative Musicianship (Drums, Bass, Vocals or Guitar), Music Business or Songwriting are eligible to study in London — meaning that they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity study in both of Europe’s music business capitals.

Why is this such a brilliant option for our students? Because each BIMM college works incredibly hard to establish deep and strong links with the local and national music industry, so that students can immediately connect to the people and places that matter.

Vaseema Hamilton, principal of BIMM’s London, Brighton and Bristol colleges, is incredibly excited by Berlin:

“Every time we open a new BIMM Institute there is a sense of incredible personal privilege to be involved in the project, and opening BIMM Berlin has long been a personal goal of mine.

We choose each BIMM location carefully, to ensure that each college has its own unique feel and music industry heritage.

Just like Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Manchester and London, Berlin is a creative and forward-thinking city: a perfect place for our students to study and develop their talent. They will gain a fantastic introduction to Berlin’s unique music scene and contemporary culture. It’s a city with a complex cultural past and an open mind — a city where ideas are formed and new connections are made. Students joining us in Berlin will explore the cultural past and contribute to the future of contemporary music, and network with like-minded people from all over the world.

Importantly, the three year degree program in Berlin is also the same as the one offered at BIMM London: so any Berlin student will be able to spend their second year of study in London, and London students will be able to study in Berlin for a year too. I don’t believe there is any other current contemporary music industry institute that is offering this incredible option to students; and with the wealth of transport options, it’s so easy for students to move between these two amazing cities.”

So give yourself the best chance of growing your network in the music industry in two great cities – connect with BIMM today.

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POSTED ON: January 21, 2015
  • Berlin, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Music Business, Songwriting, Vocals