BIMM Dublin alternative rock act Sub Motion have recently signed a deal with Tremolo Publishing. As part of the deal, the punk-influenced four piece will benefit from the advice, guidance and industry connections of U.S entertainment industry veterans Dina Coughlan and Rory McPartland (pictured with the band), who independently co-founded the company back in 2015. 

Most people have little idea on what publishers can actually offer songwriters, or how important they are for bands who write their own material. So, we thought we’d give you a quick idea of what it is they actually do.

So, what is a publishing deal?

If you hear a piece of music being featured on a film, television advert, computer game or any other type of visual media, it’s the artists’ publisher who has brokered the deal to get it there. This process is called synchronisation, and is one of the main services a publisher provides for their artists.

As an independent company, Tremolo Music Publishing has a strong focus on the longevity of their artists’ work and offers all the services of a major-league company (with the added bonus of a more personal touch), including…

    • A heavy focus on song pitching and synchronization of clients’ material for placement in Film, TV, Advertising, Video Games and other medias.
    • Negotiation of all synch license fees, administration of all agreements and collection of all monies on behalf of their writers.
    • Offering exclusive access to a network of relationships with established Music Supervisors and Producers worldwide.
    • Registration of compositions with Performing Rights Societies and worldwide tracking/management of all performance and mechanical royalties.
    • Provide opportunities for song collaborations and covers of writers material.

Since forming four years ago Sub Motion have brought their raucous live set to venues all over Dublin and further afield, including a sold-out show in Whelan’s this year and an appearance at Indiependence Music Festival in Cork. Having received such a positive response so far, the band are primed to reach the next level of their career, so the timing of this deal couldn’t be any better.

Here’s what Sub Motion’s front-woman Rebecca Geary had to say about signing the deal.

“We’re delighted to be now working with Tremolo Music Publishing, as sync and publishing opportunities have always been a major goal for us as a band. The territory of the deal is worldwide and Tremolo focuses largely on the American market, which will open our music up to a much wider audience and bring more opportunities, both in Ireland and abroad.”

Having recorded with James Darkin (Kanye, Funeral Suits, Hozier,, Rihanna) in early 2017 and receiving a warm response from Irish press to their latest material, we’re excited to see what’s to come for the band with this new partnership.


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POSTED ON: October 18, 2017
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