The Guardian - 'Pick of the Week'

Future of the Left

BIMM London’s college principal, Julia Ruzicka has landed the coveted ‘pick of the week’ from The Guardian for her band Future of the Left’s single, ’50 Days Before the Hun’.

As reviewer, Luke Holland says,

“This song is great. If you need more proof of that besides the facts a) I said so, and b) it has a kazoo solo in it, then take note of an underpant-elastic-twang of a riff that tears straight through the middle. It’s like the sibling of Radiohead’s I Might Be Wrong who paints their room black and thinks Jacoby Shaddix, like, speaks to me, yeah. Meanwhile, Andrew Falkous’s verbose yelps straddle the tipping point between Jet’s Nic Cester and Mark E Smith.”

Julia joined Future of the Left in 2010 as their bassist and has been professionally active in the music industry for many years as a musician, as well as working in many other roles.

This impressive review in the national media is a typical illustration of the calibre of the BIMM tutors and how they are active in the music industry.

POSTED ON: April 7, 2016
  • London, Bass