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Monday is here again, and that means one thing, it’s time for Track of the Week! Since graduating from BIMM Dublin in 2016, Vernon Jane have gone on to sign a Distribution Deal with Pocket Records, and on Friday released their sophomore EP ‘The Dark Place.’ We caught up with Emily Jane about the first single off the EP, ‘Fragile.’

What was the inspiration behind your track?
‘Fragile’ explores the darker side of human nature. The song and the video try to capture that feeling of suffocating under both our own and outside expectations. We tell ourselves we have to be stronger, we have to get better, and stay better. We forget to tell ourselves to be our own authentic self, to find strength in vulnerability and fragility. We push ourselves until we break. This song and video represents a breaking point.

What did your songwriting process involve?
It’s quite a simplistic song, it started with the riff and lyrics. I generally write in phases and this is a song that’s part of a darker phase. Lyrics are written as a stream of consciousness, then I analyse and edit. I brought this song to the band and they added their parts, helping structure and get the very best out of the song, that break-down section was a major team effort. Each section of the band is a beast within itself, so no song is ever complete without their imprint.

How do you make yourselves stand out from other bands?
We don’t actively try to stand out. We just look after our own identity, we look after ourselves, and our mindset. There are so many talented, creative and brilliant artists right now, but there’s only one Vernon Jane. We are part of a wonderfully supportive community, we’re hard workers and take great pride in what we do. Owning our authenticity is vital in such a competitive industry.

Describe your sound in 3 words…

Are there any particular artists that inspired you whilst writing the track?
I was in a very reflective headspace while this song was coming together. Bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden played a big role in pulling me out of some tough times, they weren’t openly on my mind but in listening to the finished product I can hear both bands in this song.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?
Community. Any gig in Dublin city has a BIMM Alumni or student on the stage or in the crowd.

How did BIMM help you develop as an Artist?
It didn’t just help me develop as an artist, it gave me the space and time to embrace being an artist. I had four years to develop, grow, learn and interact with people who came from all different musical and personal backgrounds. Looking back at my time is funny, because the things I found challenging gave me the drive to keep creating, so even the worst days in BIMM have a good outcome eventually!

What’s the best bit of music advice you’ve been given?
‘Nobody is going to love your music as much as you do.’
At first I didn’t quite understand this, because confidence isn’t my strong point, but over the years this piece of advice has served me well. People aren’t always going to like what you do, and not everyone will be as dedicated to your craft as you, it doesn’t diminish what you’re doing or what they’re doing. No one has the capability to make you feel fulfilled, as long as you are honest with your work, driven and determined you will start to build up a catalog of achievements which slowly breathes real confidence.

Anything exciting coming up you can share?

We have a wonderful 2018 ahead. We are releasing several more tracks from our latest e.p ‘The Dark Place’. We also have a number of festivals to look forward to including, Bray Jazz Festival, Vantastival, SeaSessions and Knockanstockan. We also have something very exciting planned for the end of the year.


POSTED ON: April 16, 2018
  • Dublin