We Are Scientists in Berlin


It’s fifteen years since We Are Scientists started jamming together in a basement, and a decade since their major-label album With Love and Squalor shot them into the headlights of the UK indie scene.

Now with five studio albums behind them, the band’s mainstays Keith Murray and Chris Cain have a new drummer in the line-up, live shows around Europe and a new album on the cards for 2016.

Back in November, Keith and Chris took time out to bring some of their stories of hard work, label changes and indie rock stardom to the students at BIMM Berlin, and to introduce us to their new drummer, Keith Carne.

The band described their early years in New York, splitting their days between full time jobs, rehearsals and small shows. They talked through the relative merits of indie labels versus majors, stressing that a good music lawyer who you can really trust is an absolute must to guide you through – they’ve stuck with the same reliable lawyer throughout their career.

Keith Carne’s role as new drummer gave rise to a useful discussion about changing line-ups and the importance of working relationships and sound friendships with band members, sometimes even over and above technical prowess. (Luckily, Mr Carne scores on both…!) After a fun, revealing Masterclass the band generously gave out guest list passes to their live show with Ash that evening.

Student Barbara Broggini from BIMM Berlin reported back on her experience:

“I loved the We Are Scientists Masterclass, it’s been my favourite one so far, and the concert with Ash was great. After the show we met the band and went for drinks and they introduced us to their team. They are super nice!”

Once again we’re glad to get our students to the heart of the action, and with bands like the talented We Are Scientists to give them first-hand advice we know they’re heading for great things too.

POSTED ON: January 15, 2016
  • Berlin, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Songwriting, Vocals