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Pinch, punch first day of the month! It’s April, and we’ve got a brand new Track of the Week for your listening enjoyment. This is BIMM Bristol Country singer-songwriter Zoe Newton with her latest release ‘No Fun’.

What inspired you when writing this track?
‘No Fun’ was mainly inspired by moving away from home and losing touch with friends, but also by how tentative I was about meeting new people. During my first year of university, my mental health suffered because of these things, which I’m sure many students can relate to. ‘No Fun’ was my way of expressing the feelings I was experiencing. Bristol also influenced this track in its own way, with the Clifton Suspension Bridge being mentioned as a nod to my new home!

Were there any particular music influences while you were writing?
Lori McKenna is always my biggest influence as she writes such beautiful, personal songs, and there is always a story. I also love that so many of her songs can be interpreted in different ways to fit exactly how you’re feeling. Miranda Lambert’s ‘Tin Man’ was also a huge influence because of the space within the song and the lack of lyrical chorus; the feeling that it captures was exactly how I felt while writing ‘No Fun’.

Is there anything you do to try and make your music stand out?
I worked with a wonderful producer, Isaac Francis, to create a sound that incorporates elements of country, americana and folk within the track (and the rest of the ‘If I Could’ EP), while retaining the delicate feel to make sure my music really represents who I am. Being a UK country musician, it’s important to me to incorporate elements of the various sub-genres, such as alt-country and americana, to make my music stand out from the country-pop that often dominates the genre.

How did your songwriting process work?
This track was relatively straight-forward and was written pretty much as you hear it – for once I knew exactly what I wanted to say! I felt that I didn’t need a chorus to anchor the song, as I wanted the story to flow through the verses and peak at the bridge, replicating how emotions can be steady for a while until you suddenly have to let it all out.

Describe your sound in 3 words…
Emotional, delicate, melancholy.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?
I’ve learned so much about how I write songs and how I can make my songs more interesting for those listening. I would never have written a song without a chorus before, but studying how to create effective song structures led to ‘No Fun’ being created and becoming a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest last year. It’s also been really valuable to learn different methods of beating writer’s block and building confidence; I definitely worry less about sharing personal songs with a crowd of people now!

What’s your favourite thing about BIMM?
The people I’ve met – not only are they fantastic musicians, they are also wonderful people! BIMM is full of musicians supporting each other no matter what course you’re on, what year you’re in or what genre of music you play.

Anything exciting coming up you can share?
I’ve just released the ‘No Fun’ music video which was created with Sail Away Media. There’s also another EP in the works as my next big project, and I’m already excited for people to hear the new songs that Isaac and I are working on.

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POSTED ON: March 29, 2019
  • Bristol