Student Services

We're Here To Help

At BIMM, each College has a Student Services Team designed to help you with all aspects of student life both inside and outside of the classroom. The teams are here for you if you need some advice and guidance on health and wellbeing, housing and finance, support for your learning or just want to ask a question which you’re too afraid to ask in the classroom. We’re here to support you, whatever the circumstances.

The size of the teams vary depending on the size of the College, but offer every student a named contact within each team; someone who’s there to support you, and who understands the individual demands required by your specific course.

The Student Services Team also have a range of literature to help you manage your life whilst studying with us. This includes our comprehensive Mental Health First Aid Kit, that you can view here.

Mental Health First Aid Kit (PDF)


How we help our students


Not happy, got a complaint or want to talk to someone?

Above all else, we want your studies with us to be a safe, enjoyable experience. Should you feel unsafe, unhappy or have a concern for someone you know, the Student Support Team members are trained listeners and can offer you a safe space to discuss your concerns and, where appropriate, advise on next steps.