The BIMM Study Exchange

Expand your global network

Having a vast network of colleges across Europe means we can provide something truly unique which can’t be matched by any other contemporary music college – The BIMM Study Exchange!

This exclusive initiative means that BIMM students can complete music degrees in two different European Music Cities by studying across two of our BIMM colleges in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol or Birmingham.

You’ll begin your studies at one BIMM college, before transferring to another for your second year… and then you can decide whether to remain in your new city for your third year or return to your ‘home’ college. The locations of our colleges are carefully chosen in cities where music matters most, and your future career will benefit from the strong musical history, diverse musical styles and current music scene buzz of your choice of two BIMM locations.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity has come about because, for the first time, all BIMM degrees in these locations will be validated by the prestigious University of Sussex, meaning courses and classes are totally seamless across all seven European cities. In case you need further convincing, here are just four reasons why it makes complete sense for your future music career to study in multiple cities with BIMM:

  • Networking – being able to build your musical network in two different cities will lead to an enviable contact database, giving you a solid base from which to launch your career.
  • Experience – meeting different kinds of people in different cities will broaden your life perspective, and you’ll learn how to communicate varied types of subject matter for creative output.
  • Variety – different cities generate contrasting musical styles and have their own unique scenes, giving you a breadth of knowledge across the musical spectrum.
  • Initiative – being part of the music scenes of multiple cities will give you hands-on access to a diverse range of venues, events and business ideas, broadening your knowledge of the wider music industry.


And remember, whether you’re studying at one of our UK locations, or in Germany, all our classes are taught in English, so you don’t need to worry if your German could do with some improvement!

If you’d like to benefit from BIMM’s unique study exchange programme in the future, simply get in touch today by contacting a member of our Admissions Team on 0844 2 646 666 or by applying online using the ‘Apply Now’ form at\

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