English Language Courses

Do you need to improve your English language level?

In 2018, BIMM applicants who receive a conditional offer which is subject to improving their English language level and completing an IELTS exam are encouraged to undertake an IELTS preparatory course and examination at Brighton Language College (BLC).

BLC courses range from four to twelve weeks depending on the student’s English language level and can be undertaken in the weeks preceding the start of their course at BIMM.

In order to be considered for a BLC course, students will need to provide evidence of their English language level. Applicants who are unable to do so can complete an assessment at home to determine their level of English. This assessment will be followed up by a phone call from BLC where students will receive a recommendation on a suitable course.

Only an hour from London, Brighton is a popular international destination for English language training and each year BLC welcome hundreds of students from across Europe. As a consequence, many support services are available for international students studying short-term English courses. BLC can also assist students with airport pick-up and home stay accommodation during their time in Brighton.

For further information, please contact international@bimm.ac.uk

Note: To be considered for a place at BIMM, students must successfully meet the academic and English requirements of their offer letter.