Estelle Rubio

Music Production Tutor

Estelle’s career as a recording artist has led her to work in some of the world’s most prestigious recording studios. As a professional composer she’s produced work for various mediums including everything from radio to music for fitness apps.

Her mix of ‘geek’ and ‘girl’ and her extensive technical knowledge has made her a sought-after product demonstrator and educator. She’s a Distinguished Professional for Apple and demonstrates and performs at conferences and new product/shop launches on Garageband, Logic and various iPad applications. She’s hosted many successful workshops for teens and younger children as part of her company Music for Minors. On her popular YouTube channel, she reviews and uses cutting-edge software, and was recently made a YouTube partner. Estelle seeks to combine her ease as a fluid presenter with her expert knowledge to bring a modern woman’s touch to technology. Her own ethereal music echoes with bossa beats and laid back 60s lounge jazz.

  • London, Music Production
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