AJ Rousell

Educator, Author, Session Musician, Performer

AJ graduated from BIMM Bristol with a BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship Degree in Drums in 2015. Since then, he’s been establishing himself as a tutor and session musician for live performance and studio work. AJ has also gained extensive gigging experience performing with church bands, which formed the basis of his research for one of two published books – ‘The Field Manual for the Church Drummer’.

His other book, ‘The Drummer’s Odyssey‘ was rated 4/5 stars in Rhythm Magazine and has seen sales both here in the UK as well as in America.

In addition to the Drummer’s Odyssey book, AJ has also curated a drum camp of the same name which takes place in October 2018 and features an impressive line-up of internationally regarded drummers including Emmanuel Caplette, Pete Riley, and Pete Cater.

AJ turned this into an annual event, bringing a varied roster of world-class drummers to his hometown of Bristol for the benefit of his students and peers.

He’s now sponsored by lots of great drum brands, including Vic Firth and Evans. You can catch AJ teaching all over Bristol, in his spot at Firebird Studio, Bristol Rock Centre, or his own personal studio. If you’re not in Bristol, AJ also offers online lessons.