Postgraduate study

It’s time to master your career

Develop yourself academically, creatively and professionally after your undergraduate degree with an innovative postgraduate degree course. A master’s is an exciting prospect that can take your career ambitions to the next level – and give you a real edge in the job market.

What is a master’s degree?

An MA (Master of Arts) is an advanced academic degree designed for post-compulsory education. It builds on either your existing bachelor’s degree or professional experience. An MA can also be referred to as:

  • A master’s degree
  • A ‘postgraduate degree’
  • Or even ‘postgraduate study’

These courses are often more autonomous than undergraduate degree courses. For example, you’ll generally be given the chance to do more independent research and learning, developing and engaging in specific areas to acquire a more specialised understanding of your subject area or profession.

Key facts

Industry-led and 100% relevant.

Well-balanced classes – a mix of theory and practical study.

The skills, tools and knowledge needed to develop yourself academically, creatively and professionally.

The opportunity to work in a vibrant postgraduate student community.

The ability to collaborate on a range of creative and entrepreneurial projects.

Studying a postgraduate course is an exciting prospect. Having a master’s qualification demonstrates to employers that you have the commitment, determination and passion for advancing your ability in a chosen area.

If you’re considering a postgraduate degree but you’re not quite sure whether it’s right for you, here are the biggest benefits of studying an MA:

Advance in your chosen career – professionally and financially

Having a master’s can improve your career prospects. It gives you the further knowledge you might need to apply for advanced positions in your company or industry. What’s more, people with master’s tend to earn more on average than those with a bachelor’s degree.

Make important connections

When you study for a master’s degree, you connect with people professionally and have the chance to network in your chosen field. Our MA Popular Music Practice course allows you to work together with other students from different fields.

Additionally, all internal BIMM Music Institute industry engagement opportunities, available to undergraduate students, are also available to postgraduate students. This means you can strengthen your network and participate in performances, masterclasses and work-based learning to give you the best springboard into a sustainable career once your studies are complete, and remain part of the BIMM Music Institute network via our BIMM Connect graduate platform.

Explore your interests in more depth

If you have a passionate academic interest, a master’s is perfect for satisfying your curiosity. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to pursue your subject from different angles, and you’re guaranteed to know your chosen subject inside-out at the end of your course.

Gain the necessary tools to make that dream career change

If you’re thinking of switching careers (or have a dream role in mind), a master’s can help get you there. After all, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and confidence under your belt to go after what you want.

Having a master’s to your name can also give you the edge in a crowded job market and make your resume stand out among those with an undergraduate degree.

Become a leader in your chosen field

On the MA Popular Music Practice course, you’ll be taught by the best in the business. And you’ll have the opportunity to become a contributor in your field yourself, not just a learner.

You will be able to work on your own creative and entrepreneurial projects, developing independent ideas and research in the areas of contemporary music that interest you: Entrepreneurship, Performance, Production and Composition.

Although your final award will bear one of these titles, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different areas of your practice whilst studying.

The innovative MA Popular Music Practice provides fantastic opportunities for you to explore your own specialism within popular music in line with your personal career aspirations. It allows you to stand apart from others in your chosen field and lead the discussion in contemporary music.

You are a popular music practitioner – either a performer, producer, composer or entrepreneur – with innovative ideas and a desire to work together with students from different fields.

During your MA, we’ll help you to turn your ideas into reality. We’ll introduce you to cutting-edge research and assist you with broadening your network within the industry.

Take the next step

Studying the MA Popular Music Practice is the next step if you want to further develop yourself academically, creatively and professionally after your degree.

Find out more

You can apply for a master’s whether you studied your degree at BIMM Music Institute or elsewhere/at another university. You can also apply if you’re a mature student.

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The application process is a little different compared to our degree-level courses. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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Like most academic qualifications, postgraduate courses have entry requirements. You can find the entry requirements for the MA Popular Music Practice on the course page.

However, you can also apply to study for a master’s even if you haven’t met the entry requirements as sometimes a substantial amount of professional experience (such as teaching) will suffice. You may be asked to submit an additional portfolio evidencing your practical experience. This is referred to as Recognition of Prior Certified and Experiential Learning (RPCEL).

The course team will assess your experience on a case-by-case basis before your interview.

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This is a case-by-case decision made by the course team prior to interview. Typically, you would have several years of teaching experience, which could come from a variety of contexts such as classroom or one-to-one tuition.

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We normally ask for two referees, one of which should be able to comment on your academic ability to succeed on the course. Please contact the Admissions Team if you are not able to provide this.

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Our Admissions Team checks enquiries daily and would normally be able to respond to your application within 48 hours of receipt. The team will then be in touch regarding the next steps, such as booking your interview.

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You may hear on the day, but in some cases, the course team will consider your application for longer. We aim to respond within seven days at the latest.

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Yes, we will hold your place on the course for one year. Beyond that, you are welcome to reapply for a place.

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You’ll be taught by expert practitioners who are also often active researchers.

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  • Postgraduate study space
  • Access to online library and journal database
  • Free research software – NVIVO
  • Tutorials and supervision with expert practitioners in the field of education
  • Teaching placements at BIMM Music Institute, with the support of an experienced mentor

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A monthly payment plan is available for this course which can be arranged upon enrolment.

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Any questions?

For questions on how BIMM Music Institute can prepare you for a career in music, or if you’d like more information on how to apply, please contact our Admissions Team on +353 1 5133 666 or email [email protected].