Sina Theil


Sina Theil, originally from Germany, started playing the piano and writing songs at the age of seven. Picking up the guitar at 18, she has since flourished into an accomplished recording artist. 

In 2017, Sina commenced work with Downda Road Productions. She’s since scored fourteen No.1 singles, plus seven other top three tracks. And, - she topped all this off with her debut album Under Cover charting at No. 1 in the Irish Country Download Charts and No. 5 in the Overall Irish Download Album Charts.

Sina won the “Hottest Act in Irish Country Music 2019” Awarded at the prestigious Hot Country TV awards. Previous winners were some of Ireland’s most successful Country Music Stars, such as Nathan Carter and Derek Ryan.

Her music has reached over 8,100 radio plays in Ireland, and her songs have also been played as far as the USA, New Zealand, Canada, mainland Europe and South Africa. Sina also presents her own weekly radio show on Carlow FM and is continuing her journey as a solo musician.