BA (Hons) Commercial Modern Music - Music Production


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A 4-year full-time degree - *Subject to Validation

If you are interested in creating music and sound and want to gain a degree-level qualification, and also fulfil your creative and commercial potential, then BA (Hons) Commercial Modern Music is the right choice to help turn your passion for music into a career.

This four-year programme aims to develop your technical approaches to music and sound production while at the same time progressing your career goals, using a deadline-driven project management approach.

At BIMM Dublin, we understand that the key component for music production is bringing a student’s technical knowledge and creativity to real-world, live and studio settings. To also learn the fundamentals required to collaborate with others, work with artists, and record other musicians’ sounds.

You’ll also further hone your skills by receiving tuition in modules such as Music & Listening Skills which aims to develop critical communication and listening skills for music producers and Industry Toolkit where you will develop an understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to operate as an entrepreneur within the modern music industry. You will collaborate with both the songwriting and instrumentalist streams and will also have the opportunity to upskill in your own performance skills, through a range of optional modules, if you so wish. The degree is both academically, technologically and musically challenging, providing the perfect balance between practical and technical skills and theory and analysis.


You’ll be part of a creative community of gifted writers, performers, critical thinkers and music industry professionals who you can collaborate and network with to help bring your talent to life. 

Through a range of core and optional modules including (but not limited to) Live Sound Engineering, Creative Mix Techniques, Creating Sample Libraries, Digital Performance Skills, Sound Design & Writing for Media, Practical Learning & Teaching in the Creative Arts, Electroacoustic Composition, Game Sound & Music, Immersive Audio Techniques, Audio Postproduction, Interactive Music Applications, you can tailor the degree to fit your own personal goals. 

Life at BIMM will stretch you as a creative, a musician and performer depending on your interests.  It will also inspire you as a fan, as you attend unique Masterclasses with some of the best producers, industry professionals and musicians in the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to audition for the BIMM releases and termly BIMM gigs.

Your course will culminate in either a Professional Project utilising academic research skills or Analytical Perspectives dissertation designed to investigate your chosen stream through key concepts and theories associated with cultural studies. This will give you a head start into the workplace and enhance an appreciation and understanding of your cultural and social environment.

So, what are you waiting for? To make your way as a musician, connect with us and we’ll connect you to a life in music.

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Course specification

Mode of attendance: Full-time

Length of course: Four years

Awarding institution: Technological University Dublin

Campus delivery: Dublin

TU Code: TU961

Level: 8

Language of study: English

Final award: Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Minimum requirements

6 Leaving Certificate subjects +25s + audition*

**a minimum of 2 H5’s and 4 O6’s/H7’s are required to meet the minimum entry requirement.


Graduates can progress directly to employment in the music industry in a range of music-based industries, such as game audio industries, electronic music, the recording industry, the live music industry, the film and TV industry, the audio post-production industry and education industry.

Or they can continue their studies with a BIMM Institute Postgraduate Course such as MA Popular Music Practice and MA Learning and Teaching in the Creative Industries.

Course fees

BA (Hons) in Commercial Modern Music falls under the free fees scheme. To check if you are eligible for free fees, take a look at the student finance website.

Detailed information on fees is available on the registration office at TU Dublin.

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our courses or if you’d like more information on how to apply to BIMM Institute, please contact our Admissions Team on +353 1 5133 666 or email [email protected].