BIMM Dublin Launch Student Fronted Podcast

26 April, 2018

BIMM Music Institute Dublin has taken a step into the world of podcasting with a new show that connects its students, lecturers, industry experts and the wider music community. Episode one of the BIMM Dublin Podcast, which you can listen to here, features a brilliant line-up of guests, including BIMM Dublin graduate and Le Boom drummer Aimee Mallon, and multi-talented DJ and drummer turned BIMM’s Head of Music Business James Byrne, who also manages Girl Band and Pillow Queens.

The BIMM Dublin Podcast is also the perfect place to hear new tracks from our BIMM groups and artists with an eclectic jukebox that stretches from post-punk indie to Afro Cuban music. So, how important is it to have a mix of genres? According to The BIMM Dublin Podcast’s host Danny Carroll, who graduated last year, variety is the reason why many long-running shows are so successful. Speaking to BIMM about the project, he said: 

“Podcasts cater to niche interests that commercial radio can’t afford to indulge. In the same way streaming services allow you to listen to whatever obscure artists you like, podcasts offer a similar experience for people who have a specific taste.” So, who would be his dream guest? “Dream podcast guests really depend on who the college is bringing in for a masterclass,” he adds. “I’ve no doubt there’ll be a few surprises before the end of the year.” 

Interviews aside, the BIMM Dublin Podcast also covers events in and outside of the college, which Danny says was partly what inspired the project from the offset. “It struck me that there’s so much going on in BIMM Dublin that isn’t really documented. They put on really interesting masterclasses, gigs and produce an album every year. There’s also an array of lecturers with unique insights and students who are fast becoming the most talked about names in the Irish music industry,” he adds.

Reflecting on BIMM’s involvement, Danny, who also fronts the band Shrug Life, added:

“BIMM have been very supportive, assisting in arranging interviews and providing space, while still allowing me to present and produce things in my own way.” 

The coming weeks will see an all-star cast of guests, including Tine Verbeke, a vocal coach who’s worked with Bono and The Script, and Belfast-born guitar hero Rory Friers. In the meantime, listen and subscribe to the first episode of The BIMM Dublin Podcast to hear live music from our all-ages gig and full interviews with singer-songwriter Maria Kelly, Aimee Mallon, James Byrne and a host of interesting guests from BIMM and beyond. 

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and all Android podcast streaming platforms.