Fontaines D.C. speak about their time at BIMM Music Institute Dublin

1 February, 2021

We were delighted to have Fontaines D.C. return to BIMM Music Institute Dublin to discuss their time spent with us whilst inspiring the next generation of Irish talent. We’re so proud of their amazing achievements in the last few years and hope their success continues. We caught up with the Grammy-nominated rockers at the ‘Careers Within the Music Industry’ virtual event series.

Our virtual career events are open to anyone considering studying music or the music industry as a career and feature talks from highly experienced lecturers and music industry professionals alike. They will offer an insight into the many industry careers that can be pursued by attaining a BIMM degree.

In the latest event of the series, Grammy-nominated band Fontaines D.C. discussed why they were attracted to BIMM, their early days as a band, and how their BIMM experience helped navigate their careers. Reflecting on their time spent at BIMM, bass player Conor Deegan spoke of his early days and how meeting like-minded people passionate about music helped him. “You see this development of musical styles”, he said. “And you get this opportunity to experiment with playing funk bass, piano or anything you want really.” He expanded that the experience helped open their minds “to these different ways of thinking about the world and how that influences your music”.

“There’s a continuous musical exchange, and you end up being inspired by the people around you.”

– Carol O’Connell

Guitarist Carlos O’Connell further elaborated on his bandmate’s point when speaking about what he feels is one of the most important parts of studying at a college like BIMM: “There’s a continuous musical exchange, and you end up being inspired by the people around you.” Carlos continued that it comes down to the environment that BIMM has cultivated throughout the years.

How BIMM helped the band’s confidence

Speaking about the course’s performing side, drummer Tom Coll explained how the experience “really pushed us to become a live band.” Guitarist Conor Curley added that BIMM helped to progress their confidence in performing live: “The idea of doing an audition in a room with other students […] it really develops that mental strength it takes to perform”. Conor continued: “It definitely helped us.”

The band also praised BIMM in getting to know the industry’s business side at the start of their careers. They also praised the advice given by their BIMM lecturers with experience in all aspects of the music industry. Carlos O’Connell explained how much of a task it was at the beginning, but thanks to the knowledge of the lecturers at BIMM “we all became better at what we did.” He continued: “All these things we could develop; how to understand not just releasing music but manufacturing it and the different layers to it.”.

A massive thanks to Fontaines D.C. for paying us a virtual visit and sharing their journey so far. We have more exclusive virtual events lined up. Don’t miss out – book your place here.

Cover image taken by @del_photos