Luisa-Christie Walton-Stoev

Freelance Influencer Marketing Consult

Having fulfilled roles in the music industry – including a role at Atlantic Records – Larissa is currently a Freelance Influencer Marketing Consult.

Vocalist Luisa-Christie graduated from BIMM Music Institute Brighton in 2011 and has held numerous entrepreneurial roles in the music business ever since.

She undertook event PR with The Zeitgeist Agency for Reading and Leeds Festival, Shakedown and SD2 festivals, as well as assisting the MAMA Communications Team in the press office at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Turning her hand to marketing, she landed a role with WMA – a full-service digital creative agency specialising in the music and entertainment industries. Luisa-Christie enjoys mixing both her performance and music business skills as part of a portfolio career.

After working as Social Media Coordinator for Atlantic Records for almost two years, she landed a different role at Atlantic Records, this time as Influencer Marketing Lead, a bespoke position that Luisa and her boss created together, this allowed Luisa’s strengths and passions to shine through, focusing on Influencer Marketing within the label. It was the first Influencer focused role to be created at Warner Music UK which is the major label group that Atlantic is part of. 

Since her departure from Atlantic Records, Luisa has created her own Influencer Marketing company, Loud Cat Social, looking to target Millennials and Gen Z through creative campaigns on Social Media platforms.


Photo c/o Rebecca Need-Menear