Robin Watts

Music Marketer & Promoter

Whilst studying Event Management at BIMM Brighton, Robin Watts has taken up a position as Marketing Assistant at UK independent drum and bass label Shogun Audio.

He’s also the CEO of his own club promotions company Drum Safari, a central Hub for Brighton’s burgeoning Drum ‘n’ Bass scene, and is a Marketing Intern for digital marketing agency ‘The Drop Digital’.

During his time at BIMM, Robin Robin undertook various work experience opportunities, such as:

Trickstar Radio

Robin was the Studio Manager Intern on ‘D&B Tuesdays’. He ran their social media pages one day a week and maintained the studio. This is where he met most the people he works with on his current events.

“If I never interned here, I doubt I’d be where I am today. For me, this goes to show that internships/opportunities that don’t seem that great at face value experience-wise can still have huge value to you and your career.”

The Loft Sessions

Robin also undertook a social media and marketing role with Brighton based music TV show the Loft Sessions. Along with making lots of friends here, he also learned how to edit photos, basic social media skills and got better at setting up and using ads manager software.

Drum Safari

Drum Safari is Robin’s own events brand which he runs independently. Its success on the Brighton clubbing scene has taught him key skills such as digital marketing, digital design and budgeting skills. Ultimately, Drum Safari was what led to Robin landing his ‘dream job’ at Shogun Audio.

Boundary Festival

“Boundary was my first time working for a recognised brand/company. I was really keen to take the skills I’d been learning at Drum Safari and The Loft Sessions and develop them by getting insight into how professionals work. This was perfect for that and I learnt a lot more than I thought I would.”

The Drop Digital

Robin started at The Drop Digital in January 2019 and still works there part-time. The company work with many clients including music festivals across the UK. The tasks for each client are always different and Robin has learned to adjust his approach based on their needs and target markets.

Reflecting upon the experiences he’s attained whilst studying at BIMM Brighton, Robin had this to say;

“I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t have this job if I didn’t go to BIMM. The opportunities available there have all lead one-by-one to me getting the job at Shogun. I also doubt I’d be running my events if I didn’t take up an internship at Trickstar Radio in first year. Ultimately, through running these events and my marketing experience, I picked up skills which got me the job.

BIMM have been really supportive throughout my 3 years there and I’d definitely recommend the Events Management degree to anyone who’s unsure of where they want to be after University, but also have a passion for music and events in some way (I had no idea what I wanted to do after Uni when I started)!”

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