The Venus in Scorpio


BIMM Berlin graduate Maxim Faster, a.k.a. The Venus in Scorpio is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Their music, although hard to define, takes influence from 70s post-punk, 80s New Wave, and everything 2000s and beyond, it’s safe to say their sound is unique, but often reminiscent of somewhere between David Bowie and Charli XCX.

The genderless and self-described “mysterious and moody they next door”, Faster caught the attention of BuzzFeed after their experience with selling underwear online to secret admirers, reinforcing their unapologetic message of self-empowerment and sex-positivity.

Faster, who is a practising witch, got their band name while living in Los Angeles when they calculated their astrological birth chart and noticed that the planet Venus was in the sign of Scorpio. They’re inspired by the influences of the moon and the zodiac on their personal life, their experiences and struggles in love, and with their own mental health. The result: a difficult to define sound that touches on a dreamy nostalgia, whilst being infectiously unordinary.