BBC 1Xtra is the digital UK radio station that broadcasts to over a million listeners a week. The station – which airs a diverse mix of RnB, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Garage, Grime, Dancehall and more – recently undertook a complete creative re-imaging of its sound branding, and the voice at the helm of the new sound is BIMM Manchester student, Andile.

The team in charge of the 1Xtra re-imaging are radio jingle and audio branding company ReelWorld, based at MediaCityUK in Salford, Working alongside long-time partners Substance B Media. Paul Fernley, Client Relations Manager at ReelWorld, explained how they tracked down Andile for vocal input onto the new station sound:

“When I started looking for genuine voices to lead our new imaging for 1Xtra, Briggy at BIMM Manchester was the first person I called. She understood the brief immediately due to her ‘real radio experience’ and put me in contact with Andile. He was exactly what we needed.”

Andile writes, records and produces his own eclectic range of quality Hip-Hop, Dubstep and House, providing lyrics and rap vocals for his own tracks, as well using guest vocalists on other material. You can listen to the full exhilarating audio mix for the BBC IXtra re-imaging below, featuring brand new Top Of Hour jingles mixed with presenter IDs for the shows.

Ben Marks, Creative Director for partner producers Substance B Media, says of the 1Xtra project:

“Such a unique station deserves a completely unique approach to imaging and I’ve been in fanboy heaven working with ReelWorld’s composers on the music and sound design, writing lyrics with Ragga MCs, vocal sessions with Grime artists, talk about having your cake and eating it!”

Andile’s role in the project means wide-reaching exposure and is a great example of the kind of exciting professional work that can come from having a connection with one of our BIMM schools. As Paul Fernley says:

“We’re dead chuffed with the final result and so are BBC Radio 1Xtra. I won’t hesitate to get in contact with BIMM Manchester again next time we need something new!”

POSTED ON: July 3, 2015
  • Manchester, Vocals